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Majic really enjoyed the eco tours between ceremonies and hopes to do it again next year.

Maria had a divine experience during her first Ayahuasca Eco Tours ceremony.

Colm expresses confidence before his first Ayahuasca Eco Tours cermony.

“It was a life changing experience that I 100% recommend to do for yourself at Ayahuasca Eco Tours

We got started with the Kambo frog which helped purge the body of toxins, and prepare us for the ayahuasca cermony to come. 

Cesar and our Shaman Christian, did such a great job preparing us and making us feel safe and ready to go for a journey. We chatted before the ceremony and discussed my intentions. I wanted to speak, or communicate with a higher consciousness. Cesar and Christian acknowledged my request and helped me prepare and stay focused. 

When the ayahuasca ceremony began, I traveled to a dimension outside of my body. A realm that was void of time, find of space and void of all things material. Time stood still, the future and past where the same.  I entered a space that was more vivid and enlightening than anything I could ever experience on earth. The most unfamiliar, familiar feeling I’ve ever encountered. 

I also experienced a purge and a detox of my body under the influence of ayahuasca. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide in the confines of my mind and thoughts. Negative energy that I gathered over the years were all released. I vomited and emptied my bowels after the ceremony and experienced a full reboot. Under the influence of the ayahuasca, which lasted for about 4 hours, I could not tell the difference from reality and the realm I was in. You must let go to get through this experience with love in your heart. Ayahuasca makes you lose all sense of things that are familiar to you. For me this included my vision, and sense of reality. My hearing stayed intact and the shamans voice guided me through the journey. I was brought to another dimension. I was in between worlds. A distorted mix of pleasure and pain that was more real than anything I’ve ever experienced. My mind was alive, the Amazon jungle beated all around me. The sounds consumed me. The feeling of bliss surrounded me. The feeling of pain and being trapped tried to take over me. It was a duel in my body to recognise the real from imaginary. I had to fill hurt and distrustful thoughts with love to get through. I could not pass with anger. I could escape with force. I could quit when I wanted. You must surrender into the beautiful space that’s provided to you and experience the magic of life, energy, spirituality and dimensions outside of our conscious reality and love with all your heart. 

Let go of thoughts and thinking. That was my biggest takeaway. My life will be figured out through meditation 🧘‍♀️ not my thoughts. My thoughts can kill me and hold me anchored to limitations. 

Meditation and the ayahuasca medicine showed me a new way. Meditation will show you the path forward. Trust in the process and journey of your life. Let your meditation guide you, not your thoughts. Let go and love ❤️”

— Colm, July 2023

“I’m a repeat customer of Cesar Peña. On two occassions he took me deep into the Amazon jungle and brought me back safe and sound.

In 2018, Cesar took me from Iquitos to a Matses village near Genaro Herrera. I needed to repay their chief, Pepé, for the spear he had given me my previous visit. Despite limited access to the village due to very low water levels, Cesar got me there safely along with all the stainless steel cookware for Pepé’s wife. She couldn’t believe her good fortune. We caught Kambo frogs at night and did their medicine together the next morning.

In 2023, Cesar took me from Iquitos to the Reserva Nacional Pacaya Samiria for some relatively unspoiled jungle camping. When I arrived in Iquitos to meet him, I had an undiagnosed case of Covid that I caught while in Urubamba. Cesar knew I was sick, but didn’t reneg. He got me to a settlement inside the nature reserve where I was served tea from the bark of a garlic tree. This killer tea gave me the strength to enjoy the trip.

The stars of the show were the pink Amazon dolphins. The first time I saw one porpoise near our boat, my mouth was agape for at least a minute. Later, Cesar took me to where I could swim with them. It was refreshing, but the dolphins kept their distance.

One day, we packed up the boat, motored for about an hour into the jungle and camped near fresh jaguar footprints. The first thing Cesar did as we threw down our gear was pick up a stick and stab a huge wolf spider. We took a hike and Cesar showed us how to steal a drink from a Water Vine. That night, I could hear a dophin breathing about 10 feet from my hammock for at least an hour. It felt as though it sensed my sickness and was watching over me. Perhaps it was just sleeping near our camp.

Dawn broke, and with it, strange sounds filled the jungle. They started faint, like a hum barely caught by the ear, but grew into a wild roar that echoed through the trees. They seemed to come from everywhere, a chorus of ghostly wails. The noise would swell, loud and threatening, then fade, only to swell again. Noticing my unease, Cesar gave a short laugh. “Howler monkeys,” he said. “Probably less than ten of them.”

That night we hunted for caimans by calling for them in the dark. I got pretty good at it. We’d find them as they answered our calls. Not to worry. No caimans were harmed in the process.

— Carl Kelley, July 2023

Our three days trip with César was great. We saw a lot of animals and different parts of the jungle. We could tell that Cesar has a long experience as a guide since he was very knowledgeable and always calm.

—Loe, December, 2022

I had a great time visiting the Pacaya Samiria Reserve with Cesar. He was able to contact a friend and arranged a weeklong visit and did a combination of both camping and a local homestay. We did a wide variety of activities from canoeing through the flooded forest, river dolphin searching, and even visiting the local baker. Cesar helped identify birds and tracked wildlife, and overall was very knowledgable about the jungle. I’m looking forward to my next visit with him!

—Scott, April, 2022

Cesar is a great choice for a tour guide with all his past experience and his many resources within Peru. He took me on a tour through Iquitos teaching me about the local foods available, the folklore of the people as well as his cultural connections(his uncle is an amazing painter, to whom I was introduced). Cesar’s English is superb and communications were extremely easy. I’m simply greatful to you Cesar for making my experience of Peru (Iquitos) able to be understood on a deeper level than I would have been able to do alone. All in all an excellent experience. 

—Matteo, August, 2019

Spent three days and two nights in the rainforest. Cesar was our guide for all three days and was very knowledgeable about the area. He explained to us about the indigenous communities near our lodge, the wildlife and plants, and the Peruvian culture. He was very kind and spoke very good English. He made the trip very personal for us, asking us questions about our lives back at home while sharing with us stories of his own. We could tell while conversing with him that he has a lot of experience guiding and is well traveled. Definitely recommend Cesar if you want to have a memorable yet educational experience.

— Katherine, April, 2019

It is fair to say that Cesar met our expectations and more; thanks to his passion for adventure and unrivalled knowledge of the environment we had an unforgettable experience.

We found the lodge a fantastic base from which to explore the incredible jungle. It was comfortable and we were well catered for by wonderful staff. Thanks to Cesar’s meticulous organisation we always had something exciting to be doing, embarking on several treks and canoe rides. 

On these excursions Cesar’s knowledge of flora and fauna was fascinating and allowed us to see our beautiful surroundings in a whole new light. His sense of adventure and fun was contagious, and we particularly enjoyed the night trek. Perhaps the best experience of the trip was swimming in the Amazon, a moment we will all cherish, made possible by Cesar’s knowledge of the river. 

On the last day one of our group had to return early to catch a flight. After returning to Iquitos we were preparing to say goodbye to Cesar, but having paid for the whole 3 days, Cesar insisted that he would take those who were staying on a tour of the city. As in the jungle, Cesar’s insights provided a whole new perspective of Iquitos and its people. 

We were very lucky to have found Cesar and would wholeheartedly recommend him to any perspective adventurers. 

—George, December, 2018

If you are looking to visit the Amazon jungle, there is no better guide than Cesar. Whether you are looking to relax in the hammocks and enjoy nature, or in our case, explore the true essence of the Amazons, Cesar and his team is who you want to guide you. From fishing for phiranhas, to searching for anacondas and bullet ants. This indeed was by far, the most unforgettable experience of my life. Oh, and be sure to try to ayahuasca!! “

— Bret, November 22, 2017

I worked with Cesar during a very complex Amazon project, with very specific visits in remote communities. I have worked with many guides in Peru, but have never worked with with someone with such great knowledge of the local culture, very positive attitude, enthusiasm and professionalism. This ia guide that is serious about sharing a unique experience based 100% on the requirements of the tourist/client. I would recommend Cesar to anyone visiting Iquitos and beyond.  If you are serious about touring the Amazon, look no further. “

—Pano, October, 2017

Cesar was a great host and guide. Very fun and witty. Very knowledgeable of Flora and fauna and honestly really made the trip for us to the jungle. I would go on a tour with him anytime.”

Justenperry, September, 2017

Cesar was an outstanding guide.  We did the 3 day trip and he took care of all logistics, transportation, activities, food, hotel bookings, etc.  Every possible thing we needed was provided for.  He guided us on 3 jungle treks, including a night hike and he pointed out all wildlife and plant life.  We went fishing, bird watching, swimming in the Amazon (safely).  We went to a local village and visited an animal sanctuary.  We were allowed to hold camen, birds, 3 toed sloths and more.  There were more activities we could’ve chosen from but we ran out of time.  I wish we would’ve done the 4 day adventure.  The lodge was awesome!  Our rooms even included bathrooms and showers.  The cook staff and food were amazing.  All in all I couldn’t have asked for a better guide or adventure.  Cesar was so great I’d recommend him to my mother.  That’s how safe he makes it and how knowledgeable he is.  Don’t waste your time with anyone else, choose Cesar.”

—Sirrahhc, September, 2017

Cesar, a local man who is genuinely passionate about sharing his knowledge and his love of his home; The beautiful Peruvian Amazon! 

I booked a 3 Day/2 Night Amazon trip. All aspects of the trip were covered, from airport pickup to pre/post accomodation. Cesar was clear in communication about the logistics and activities that would take place. He was friendly and professional, ensuring everyone in the group was well looked after at all times. The staff at the lodge were warm and kind people, the food was fresh and delicious. The accomodation was clean and tidy, with a beautiful hammock area to chill and absorb the sounds and energy of the jungle.     

Activities included day and night jungle hikes and boat floats to explore the jungle and creeks.  We saw plenty of wildlife including spiders, insects, sloths, monkeys, an iguana, snakes, rats, bats, birds and much more. We had the opportunity to swim in the river with dolphins, camp out at night (although the weather wasn’t suitable), go piranha fishing and spend time visiting the local community. 

Exploring the Amazon was by far the highlight of my trip to Peru. If you are thinking about a Amazonian adventure, I highly recommend chatting to Cesar. “

Naomileaaustin, June, 2017

Cesar was a great guide during my 3D/2N Jungle Tour in Amazonia. He made sure the needs of every group member were satisfied. I greatly appreciated his willingness to wake up early for piranha fishing or stay late for insect watching solely for me when the rest of the group preferred to chill at the lodge. Thanks to him, I learned about local community life and healing qualities of plants, spotted wildlife, tried a piranha, clicked a wet selfie under the rain with the Dog, swam with dolphins, just to name a few. He is a great photographer and a famous naturalist, and I cannot recommend him more.”

— Alex, December, 2016

Going through the Amazon was made extra special by having Cesar as a guide. His passion and enthusiasm is infectious, he has got all the answers and a number of great stories to tell. His experience is telling. I would reccomend his services without doubt!”

— Benjamin, September, 2016

Cesar is a very friendly, patient and knowledgeable guide.”

— Andrew, December, 2015

I was looking for a private guide for 7 days 6 nights in the jungle and was so lucky to find Cesar. We emailed back and forth beforehand and he was really fast to respond and was interested in customizing my trip. I was impressed with his knowledge of the animals and the plants and he was really skilled on the water as well. I was able to spend a memorable night camping but the majority of the trip was spent in a lodge run by some of his family. They were very kind and the food was great. Whatever your interests may be Cesar will be able to make it happen. It was a highlight of my trip to Peru and I would highly recommend Cesar as a guide for yourself or your group. There are many guides to choose from in Iquitos but he’s the real deal.”

— Melissa, December, 2015

Cesar was a great great guide for foreigners to Peru. He is very patient and he takes the time to explain any and all questions you might have and has extensive knowledge on the plants and animals in the amazon.”

— Veena, July, 2015

Cesar was a wonderful fixer and guide (and on-screen talent!) for our television crew while we filmed in Inquitos and up/down river into Pucaurqillo. He took care of our crew and managed our very complicated requirements with great humour and warmth. Thank you again Cesar.”

— Joany, Member of TV Crew, July, 2015

Cesar was our guide through Peru’s “red zone” from Puerto Ene down past Pucallpa during our 2013 source to sea expedition down the Amazon While this was not your typical guided jungle trip, we still relied heavily on Cesar’s local insight. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and extremely helpful in procuring all the necessary permissions to travel through this area, and with the face to face interactions with the locals. He helped us find safe camping spots, hired good local motorized canoe drivers and was an invaluable resource when it came to “tricky situations” where the local Ashaninka people were unsure of who we were or what we were doing. Despite being in a fairly stressful situation, Cesar still found time to point out Pink Amazonian River Dolphins to us!”

— Darcy, Source to Sea Crew Member, March, 2015

I have been on two river trips on the Amazon with Cesar. The first one was in 2012 with a group. The second one was in July 2014 and there were just three including Cesar. On the first trip Cesar provided excellent service with regard to river navigation, translating and even cooking, The only trouble we had was when we did not have him with us. When the second trip came up I immediately contacted Cesar. He quickly embraced the spirit of the trip which was to be an attempt by a deaf paddler to break the existing record for paddling from Iquitos to Belem, Brazil. Arrangements had been made for a number of Brazilian paddlers to join us in Iquitos. When none of the Brazilians showed up Cesar enthusiastically volunteered to be my partner in a tandem kayak. The deaf paddler was in a solo kayak. The failure of the Brazilians to appear changed the entire focus of the trip. We decided to paddle from Iquitos to Santa Rosa at the Peruvian border with Brazil. Once again Cesar provided excellent service and we had a great time paddling hours at a time occasionally stopping to visit a villaage or wander down a beach. His open and friendly manner gained us acceptance at homes and villages for camping, shopping and dining the entire way. He is an enthusiastic and knowledgable guide and will be an immediate asset for your business.”

— John, December, 2014

I spent a week with Cesar as my guide in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon in 2005. It was an amazing experience. He is very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna of the Amazon and the best times/means to find wildlife. Cesar was interested in what I wanted to get out of my stay and was very adept at helping me achieve those goals, which mainly were experiencing the many aspects of the jungle and documenting wildlife and local human culture. He is also very easy to get along with. I heartily recommend him as a tour guide!”

— Christopher, December, 2014

Cesar was hired to help guide our 2012 National Geographic Amazon Express expedition through the flat water portion of the Amazon River in Peru. He quickly became an essential part of the team and later guided the 2013 Kayak The Amazon expedition along the same route. Cesar’s work helped assure the success of the first expedition to paddle the entire length of the Amazon River from it’s most distant source to the sea. I highly recommend Cesar for any expedition.”

National Geographic spokesperson, November, 2014